Limbo land

You may not be able to find limbo land on a map but I can assure you, it's a very real place. It's that space between first having symptoms and becoming diagnosed. For some .. the lucky ones .. it's a fleeting visit. For others, like me, we realize we should have packed more because we're going... Continue Reading →

In the beginning …

It wasn't long ago that my life was the ordinary, wonderful kind. Work, kids, friends, family. Remarkable really, that juggling we do in order to keep all those precarious balls in the air. We're the generation of multi-taskers, relishing in the busy-ness .. and I was killing it ...until I wasn't. I'd like to say... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang

It all started on a Saturday with a bit of blurry vision. We had loaded the kids in the car for a quick weekend visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house and while I was more tired than usual all seemed fine. The blurriness continued into the next day and was joined by fatigue .. not the... Continue Reading →

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