Perspective: Changing Focus

If it’s true that our experiences are based on perception .. what we pay attention to, then I’ve been doing it wrong. I talk a good game about staying positive. So good, in fact, that I’d fooled even myself. The truth, though, is that I’d begun to define myself by the state of my health.... Continue Reading →

The Autoimmune Epidemic

I've been reading a lot of blog posts recently. Especially the ones written by chronic illness sufferers. You guys are the best! It's hard .. sharing how your lives are affected by your illnesses. All the down and dirty details and your methods for coping. It's not a community anyone wants to join .. living in the... Continue Reading →

Dear Stiff Person Syndrome,

Dear Stiff Person Syndrome, This letter’s been a long time coming, three years, in fact, plus a few days. I count them, you know .. each and every one. They all represent another moment that takes me further from the life I knew and loved. I’d hoped that if I waited, I could write this... Continue Reading →

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