I’m not so special

It’s easy to get caught up in our own life’s difficulties. I’m not necessarily one to ‘woe is me’ but I’ve been known to perseverate thanks to a hint of OCD. Having an undiagnosed neurological disorder causes those pesky W’s of elementary school English to plague me at times. Well, that and a fundamental desire to use knowledge as a way to grow and adapt.

If you are living life, you have your own unique set of challenges. They may be financial .. or due to an illness of yourself or a loved one .. you may have relationship troubles or issues with substance abuse, anxiety or depression. No one gets off easy, I’m afraid. Yet with social media as our guide, the images of other peoples lives are skewed … seeing those smiling faces and records of achievement have a way of making our lives feel ‘less than’. That’s the difference between highlight reels and reality.

I’m a true believer that life is not meant to be a solitary journey .. that we are designed to live, love, laugh, struggle, console and learn from and with each other. I believe that we all have innate gifts that must be shared .. I believe the Dalai Lama had it right when he said “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others … and if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them”.

This change in perception has helped me realize just how much focus I’ve spent on me and my particular struggles .. and what I’ve learned is this … I’m not so special.

Instead of looking at the ways the five W’s pertain to my life, I feel like I have a responsibility to turn that lens around. To look at life around me and see the needs of others. To find ways to reach out, support, encourage and benefit as many people as I can.  It’s grace, I think .. well, that and a hint of enlightenment.


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