The Big Bang

It all started on a Saturday with a bit of blurry vision. We had loaded the kids in the car for a quick weekend visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and while I was more tired than usual all seemed fine. The blurriness continued into the next day and was joined by fatigue .. not the kind where you need to sleep but a heaviness of limb. As we piled back in the car to head home I was nauseous .. bringing along some ‘just in case’ bags and assuming I was coming down with a bug. Over the next few hours I began getting these very painful electric-like zaps and pings down my right arm .. so bizarre!

Not one to take a day off, I made it in to work the next day at 6am but by mid morning developed clumsiness in addition to that heaviness and couldn’t hold on to anything, even a pen. My husband drove me home and helped me to bed as by now I’d been overcome with imbalance. It wasn’t vertigo .. there was no room spinning sensation. It felt like being on the deck of a ship during a storm. We made an appointment to see my GP the next day and things continued to progress.

I couldn’t walk without holding on to something or someone. I developed tremors and jerks. My GP scheduled an MRI for that coming Friday and a neurology consult for a few weeks out. By Thursday I was flat, unable to walk without help, overwhelmingly fatigued and just beginning to experience what would become the most devastating symptom .. confusion and apathy. I couldn’t read or write. I had trouble following conversations and finding words to respond. Friday morning brought yet another surprise. As the kids were getting ready to head out to school I was struck within a matter of moments with the inability to move without great difficulty and my speech became stuttered and explosive.

Fearing a stroke, an ambulance was called and I was brought to a local ER. After intake it was decided to move me to a larger hospital. The testing that was done didn’t reveal any glaringly obvious causes for the symptoms. MS was discussed, as was atypical migraine. There were abnormalities seen on imaging but still there were more questions than answers.

This episode lasted for months, abating a little at a time with the cognitive piece the last to resolve. I wish I could say that this is all behind me now but the journey is ongoing. The journey for answers, for health, for acceptance.




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